The Unnatural Family Structure
Into Thine Hand
What is that in thine hand?
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Publishing With A Biblical Perspective
The issue of homosexuality has been sited way back in the beginning book of the biblical history of humanity, Geneses, as well as the latter books of the New Testament.

The jury is out on how societies of the past handled both the persons involved in the act of homosexuality and the act itself? While within the clan of the homosexuals, the perspective on their treatment may understandably be favorable in nature, how have the societies outside of their clan perceived and treated them and their lifestyle?

Most of all, the jury is out on how has the Divine Creator of humanity handed both the homosexuals and homosexuality? Is He even a factor in this matter and if so, does He even have the right to be? Doesn’t He, that is the Creator of humanity need an invitation from humanity to legitimatize His involvement in our society or daily matters, including the homosexuals and their lifestyle?

Trust that you will incline yourself to examine the references in the Creator’s manual, that He has sent with humanity whom He has created, regarding both the homosexuals and homosexuality. Contrary to the belief that the Creator of humanity has been silent or mum on the issue of the homosexuals and their lifestyle, He has been very loud in His Word. Contrary to the belief that His Word has said very little or nothing on this issue, He has spoken volumes. As such, let’s let “the Word” speak.
A Biblical Look At Homosexuality and the Bible