Flowers for the Unborn Baby
Into Thine Hand
What is that in thine hand?
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Publishing With A Biblical Perspective
Let us focus on the upside. Yes, the upside of a wonderfully designed human being who has been blessed with the gift of life. All of the attempts that may have been waged have been unsuccessful at winning over your life. You don’t have to pinch yourself. The fact that you are able to read this booklet means life. Whether you consider it a blessing or otherwise, that has zero bearing on the fact that your domicile has not been transferred from the upside to being an occupant of the downside or the grave.

As we focus on the inside, it is an undeniable fact that both genders of the human race, a male and a female coming together in one union have been able to produce a life. That is how it has been revolving ever since the beginning of the human race. That is how you and I came into being and the cycle goes on.

As we venture into the biblical look at abortion, I trust that you will lend yourself to the uncovering of the overwhelming reasons  why just as you and I were given the opportunity at life, the cycle should and must continue.