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Publishing With A Biblical Perspective
We are a God given, God established company that acknowledges God as our owner and manager. We exist to lift Him up and glorify His matchless name. He is worthy of all our praises and glorification. To Him is given the credit for all that has been, now is and shall be accomplished through this company.

BIBLICAL STANDING is that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the creation of this universe by the only God who sustains it, the incarnate virgin birth of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ only, the resurrected  Lord Who is now seated at the Right Hand Of The Father making intercession for the saints and will one day return for them in bodily form at the rapture.

EXCEPTIONS: Because This Is A Christian Based Company, We Can Only Embrace Materials That Are Wholesome And Non-Offensive To The Evangelical- Christian Community. The Contents Of Our Production, Of Necessity Excludes Pornographic Materials, Intoxicants, Or Any Submission That Discredits The Word Of God, The Bible.

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