There is a homegrown books, special gift ideas, greeting cards and webzines publisher in Fort Lauderdale providing products and reading materials primarily for the Christian community but appropriate for the general population as well. Into Thine Hand is a God born, God grown, and God owned company with a mission to publish with a biblical perspective. With Mr. Gilbert James as the Stewart of God behind this company, his vision for the company is not to present God with his plan for this company, but to present God’s divine plan to humanity via Into Thine Hand.

Among the books currently published by Into Thine Hand are The Journey of a Dream, Before You Say I Do, I Love You, along with three recent publications, Flowers for the Unborn Baby, The Unnatural Family Structure, and Cremation and the Bible.  They are available at,, as well as your online and for order at your local bookstore.

The Journey of a Dream (ISBN 978-0-9841231-1-7) is a work about what really goes on backstage or behind the scenes in the arena of “the achieving a dream.” It sets the record straight about who is the proven master builder of ones dreams and mission in life. It puts into perspective the factor of once the master contractor is placed at the helm, the inevitability of working with “us”, including you, is not just a matter of whether we want to or not, but an undeniable reality. We either coexist and cooperate on this “our” planet with equal rights to same or switch planets.

Before You Say I Do (ISBN 978-0-9841231-0-0) says it all in its subtitle: Take A Second Look at Yourself and Your Standards Before You Sign! It is built around the concept of while some standards are nonnegotiable, especially biblical, do you even know what your standards are and further, did you ascertain what the other person’s standards are or did you just let emotion be the conscience. Do we use courtship as a time of examination and determination or do we just curtail that for after the “wow factor” and let the heart do the walking? Do we effectively allow ourselves to be led, with our consent, by the person that we read into being the ideal and not who the person really is? It is a sobering interrogative for the cause of knowing before glowing.

I Love You (ISBN Color 978-0-9841231-3-1 Black 978-0-9841231-2-4) is a genre of love poems and romantic Jewels to spice up and accelerate the love relationship from just existing to, should I say, steaming hot? it is appropriate for the seductive courtship experience, as well as the ongoing romantic evolution of love and endearment in a relationship. It is ultimately appropriate for courtship, as an engagement gift, a wedding gift as well as a wedding anniversary gift. It is available both in the color and black version. Some of the love poems and romantic jewels in this book have been transpired into gift mugs and postcards to carry the message of love and romance. They are available at as well as

Flowers for the Unborn Baby (ISBN 978-0-9841231-4-8) addresses the issue of abortion from a biblical perspective. It is an interrogative of questions and answers about the personal choice issue, the difficult decision of what should be done when there is rape or incest involved, the lifelong question of when does life begin, is abortion murder, if so, when, and if not, what makes it not. It further addresses the issue of if and when a life becomes present in the womb, especially in a society of law, should that life be assigned an attorney to ensure due process for same before the death penalty is issued? The question of “at what point in the development of the unborn” does God start working with that life is also addressed extensively. These, among many other factors are addressed directly from the biblical perspective.

The Unnatural Family Structure (ISBN 978-0-9841231-5-5) takes up the explosive subject of homosexuality and lesbianism purely from the basis of “thus saith the Lord.” This takes the writer out of the hot seat of being the author instead of just the messenger. With that said, this work addresses the history of homosexuality and lesbianism from its first reference in the biblical writing to the period which is now known as AD. It looks at how both those who embraced the homosexual lifestyle and the act of homosexuality itself have been handled by societies down through biblical history. Most importantly, it addresses how they have been handled by God, Himself. It further deals directly with what is classified as homosexuality and who is classified as homosexuals by the scriptures. It also addresses the factor of weather the biblical prescription on this issue is an ancient or outdated dogma or is it applicable for today’s society. These among many other issues regarding the subject are addressed in this work.

Cremation and the Bible (ISBN 978-0-9841231-6-2) addresses the issue of cremation or the burning of the human body into ashes from a biblical perspective. The work covers the history of cremation down through biblical history, from the Geneses of it through the period of the AD’s. It covers the ethnicity of its origin along with its insertion into the segments of the lifestyle of the children of Israel, God’s chosen people, how God dealt with it and what does that mean for us. It covers the connection of the death burial and resurrection of the dead as whole as possible to the issue that the Christians hold so dearly, which is the triune factor of the Gospel, the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It addressed the connection of the death burial land resurrection of the dead as whole as possible to the resurrected spiritual life of the believer which is the newness of life what we as Christians experience in Jesus. It is also an interrogative that stirs the debate over cremation as to whether it is an option for the believers especially, plus humanity at large.

Into Thine Hand has also made available webzines which establish forums and community spirit for the Christian and ecclesiastical community. Among them are,,, is also a product of Into Thine Hand. Christians are encouraged to visit the appropriate websites and join in as we too count in the big picture of the world’s direction.

Mr. James, who is placed as the Stewart Into Thine Hand graduated from Bluewater Bible College & Institute in St. Thomas Virgin Islands with a Bachelor of Religious Education. He also has obtained credit towards a Master of Arts in theology from Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. He has been an active member and servant at his local church. He teaches Sunday School and preaches periodically as his pastor deems appropriate.
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