Into Thine Hand is publishing with a biblical perspective. At into thine hand you can find the journey of a dream, i love you, before you say I do, flowers for the unborn baby, cremation and the Bible, the unnatural family structure, among others.

Post cards for that Special One - Into Thine Hand

Into Thine Hand
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Love Cards

Are you feeling so distraught,
You know not even where to start,
To map your true chart,
To the rhythms of your heart?

As you aim to hit your target,
And strain to fit life’s pocket,
Does sore pain become your jacket,
And your veins seem out of socket?

Please, my darling, be of good cheer.
Face your struggles, do not fear!
All the signs so now declare,
That your skies will soon be clear.

Think of God my darling dear.
And remember, I do care.
Though your efforts brought you tears,
My love for you, will not wear.
3.95 $
Dial 000-Care
Love Cards
Dial 000-Care

Hi there, you love in the air
Do I have to reach you with ten thousand stair

If you’d only show me that you really do care
I’ll reach you though it costs me gallons of precious tears
0.00 $
Earth's Love Angel
Love Cards
Earth’s Love Angel

Hi earth’s angel dressed in love
Who looks like love sent from above
But flew away like turtle dove

You split my heart before you went away
You slit my chart, now I can’t find my way
I miss my path to love recovery bay

My heart is now bleeding, the blood from your love arrow
For you it is pleading, please quench my love sorrow
No one is succeeding to reach my love marrow

Come home my love angel, come live in my love dome
Don’t roam, my sweet angel, this earth is full of foam
Come home my earth’s angel, this romance leads you home
3.95 $
Fear Not
Love Cards
Fear Not

Hi there you precious and sweet,
Please take a seat and
let our hearts meet.
Come with your fleet,
and make no retreat.
Forces like yours, can
know no defeat.
3.95 $
Love Cards

I give myself to thyself
As darkness does to light
I lose myself in thyself
In thee I take my flight

If I had the world of love-choice
I’d lose them all for thee
For dove, I have this one vice
I see no one but thee

Oh yes I learn the language
That dearest love has taught
My dear thou art the sandwich
That’s flared to fill my heart

I’ll show my love unto thee
From the deepest of my heart
I’ll give the love that’s due thee
From thee I’ll never part
3.95 $
Love's Hidden Treasure
Love Cards
Love’s Hidden Treasure

Woven, carved and well put together
Darling, you’re my love’s hidden treasure
Golden star of my planet ever
True love knows we’re meant for each other

Love, I dream you in my dreams
Sail with you down my love streams
You’re the light in my love-beams
And with you, my cold heart steams

One by one they come and go
As they each put on their show
But my heart keeps saying no
No one else can I love so

I fore-see us in forever
As the truest lovers ever
As the ones life’s storms can’t shiver
And the love that severs never
5.95 $
Love Cards
O my darling, I surrender
Love’s crowned beauty, I break down
For my roaring heart you conquer
With your mysteries all unknown

With your love-wind strong and mighty
You have swept my heart away
To love-mountain high and lofty
Where it now will never stray

From the deepest of its deepest
Now my heart cries out for thee
Make me chiefest that thou seekest
That, my love, have I made thee

So my honey, please don’t worry
I will never let you down
Take it slowly, do not hurry
I will ever be your own
3.95 $
The Beauty Within First Beauty
Love Cards
The Beauty Within First Beauty

I’m truly in love with beauty
I’ve always searched for it
But then I met you Cutie
And was drawn beyond your fit

If I were to check first beauty
I’d give you triple-A plus
But I found in you a beauty
That goes far beyond your dust

There’s a beauty within first beauty
For that, I’ve found in you
My love is for that beauty
And nothing else will do

To you I’ll pay my duty
To you I’ll humbly bow
With you I’ll sign love treaty
With you I’ll make my vow
3.95 $
The Cautious Heart
Love Cards
The Cautious Heart

My ever going logo is “never make love bet”
I never give love go-go, am fearful of its threat
I sever any love-line that striveth so to set
For fear that it will rewind and leave me just its net

Cautiously I travel
Carefully I lie
Consciously I tackle
Contending love cry

Hello, says your love-plea, my love, my dove, is free
Oh go, cries your love-ship, I’ll wait right here for thee
No show, crows your whirlwind, my love-wind you won’t see
Aglow, mows your garden, for this love grows in me

Free? free? asks my poor heart
Se! Se! your love pleas
Love spaceship! please, don’t depart
Just wait right there for me

Let’s go now, dear love-wind
Love space-ship waits for me
My heart is full of roses
Love Garden this must be
3.95 $
The Gluttonous Love
Love Cards
The Gluttonous Love

Dear Love,

Why couldn’t you just say borrow or rent
or even lease?
Why do you have to say OWN?

Why couldn’t you just say tomorrow, or day
after tomorrow, or even the day after?
Why do you have to say FOREVER?

Why couldn’t you just say sorrow, or more
sorrow, or even much sorrow?
Why do you have to send YOUR ARROW?

Why couldn’t you just take my first heart, or
my second, or even my third?
Why do you have to OCCUPY MY

Why couldn’t you just take my thoughts in the
morning, or morning and noon, or even morning,
noon, and evening?
Why do you plague my entire being ROUND

If there is an answer, I would like to know!
0.00 $
The Ideal Woman
Love Cards

She’s a lady within a lady
She’s a heart within a heart
She spreads out to give you shady
From within her inward part

She’s a woman of tending caliber
She’s a vision of sending ranks
And her love is like a river
That flows within her banks

It ascends to the high and mighty
It descends to the weak and low
In meekness it runs and cites thee
Like an arrow thumbed from her bow

May the good Lord bless and keep her
And supply her every need
May His loving wings spread over
And protect her cherry seed
3.95 $
The One And Only You
Love Cards
The One And Only You

Thanks to who, my, love, for you?
Most to you for being you.
You were born a little you.
Now you’re just a bigger you.
Only you, my love, are you.
Solely, wholly, purely you.
No one else sweet dove, is you,
Or can be exactly you.
You are truly, truly, you.
Not a counterfeit of you.
Yes, your body houses you.
Not your shadow kid, but you.
So, be glad that you are you.
And just fall in love with you.
Now, please take good care of you.
You’re the one and only you.
3.95 $
The Turtle Dove
Love Cards
The Turtle Dove

In awe I watch you turtle dove
And swear you came down from above
I watch them as they push and shove
To take a hold of you my love

My mind thinks thoughts of many sorts
That say we’ll never come apart
But love, I pray deep in my heart
That these be part of our love chart

My dreams, my dove, are made of you
I only wish that they come true
And if my dreams of you come true
No storm can separate us two

I wish we’d never say good-bye
But stay together by and by
At times, my love, my mouth will try
But my heart sure can’t tell such lie

Every time I look at you, my heart just takes a giant leap
Every time I think of you, My love just sinks more inches deep
Every time I dream of you, I wish that I could live in sleep
Every time I move from you, I feel to just sit down and weep
3.95 $
Into Thine Hand
Into Thine Hand is a God given, God established company that acknowledges God as our owner and manager. We exist to lift Him up and glorify His matchless name. He is worthy of all our praises and glorification. To Him is given the credit for all that has been, now is and shall be accomplished through this company.
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